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CharlieHR Guide for Line Managers
CharlieHR Guide for Line Managers

Your one stop shop for all line manager needs in Charlie

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New to Charlie?

First things first, let's get your account set up and running!
This team member guide walks you through how to login and set up your password, Charlie's features, as well as how to perform your basic tasks such as booking time off or updating your address!

Are you a new line manager on Charlie?

What can line managers do in Charlie?

What can't line managers do in Charlie?

Approve/Edit/Deny your direct reports leave requests

❌ Set up a review cycle

(Only super admins and admins can set up review cycles)

Book leave requests (including sick days) on behalf of your direct reports

❌ Set up a new team member on Charlie

✅ Receive notifications for your direct reports

(Birthday, work anniversary, key date notifications)

❌ Offboard a team member

(Only a super admin or admin can offboard a team member)

✅ View your direct reports profiles

(Employment tab, personal details tab, documents, time)

❌ Change document permissions for your direct reports

✅ Be assigned as a reviewer for your direct reports in review cycles

❌ View your direct reports salary information

Request peer feedback in a review cycle for your reviewee

❌ View the profile of someone reporting into your direct report

(You can only view your direct reports)

Can I customise my notifications in settings?

As a line manager you will by default receive weekly digest emails on Monday mornings for your direct reports, as well as any leave requests, birthday notifications, anniversaries etc. It's not possible to opt out of these notifications for your direct reports.

I’m not receiving leave requests for a direct report?

Check to see whether there is a custom approver set for your direct reports, if there one set is and you believe it’s in error speak with your company admin about removing the custom approver.

Want a PDF of this guide or need any assistance?

We’re always available to help via livechat on Charlie or you can email [email protected]

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