Who can approve time off in Charlie?

Understand approve time off approvers, time off notifications, auto-approval and how to set custom approvers.

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Who can approve holiday in Charlie?

In CharlieHR, a Line Manager and Team Lead are able to approve their direct reports time off requests.

Team Leads and Line Managers will be notified by email whenever someone in their team books holiday, and they can then make a decision to approve or deny the request. Pending requests are also displayed on the Line Manger and Team lead's dashboard for easy approval.

Note: Super Admins and admins are able to approve all holidays company wide, but they are able to manage their time off notifications to only receive requests from their direct reports rather than company wide.

A line manager does not receive notifications or is able to approve holiday for their direct report's report (unless they are also an admin/super admin in the system and have opted into receiving company wide notifications).

Permission levels, notifications and approval in Charlie:

Permission level


Can approve?

Team member



Line Manager

Their direct reports

Their direct reports

Team Lead

Those in their team

Those in their team


Yes, company wide if opted in for notifications. Yes, if also a line manager/ team lead

All requests

Payroll Admin



Super Admin

Yes, company wide if opted in for notifications. Yes, if also a line manager/ team lead


Custom time off approvers

You are able to supplement, or override the default time off approval process in Charlie by setting custom time off approvers. This could be used if you needed a head of department who was not a direct line manager to be notified of all requests, or if you wanted time off requests to only reach a single user.

Any user within your account can be set as a custom time off approver for any other.

Note: Creating a custom time off approver will override existing time off notifications so that only the custom approver will be notified of future time off requests submitted.


Super admins and admins can enable and disable auto-approval for any team member in Charlie in a few easy steps:

  • Head to the team member's profile

  • Click on their Time tab

  • Scroll down to their 'Approvers' section

  • Click 'Who can Approve and Why'

  • Toggle the tab to enable/disable Auto-Approval

  • Done!

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