Manage your email notifications in Charlie

Control what automated team and company email notifications you receive from Charlie.

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Note: Only Super Admins and admins are able to change their notifications.

Both admins and super admins can manage their company notifications such as the weekly digest email or payroll digest email.

As an admin you can manage what notifications you receive from Charlie on your profile. Admins can opt into receiving company wide notifications such as birthdays, key dates and offboardings and all time off requests.

Super admins can opt into receiving all company wide time off requests and then notifications for key dates, birthdays and offboardings for team members that do not have a team lead set

To change what email notifications Charlie sends to your inbox:

  1. Go to your Profile

  2. Select the Settings tab

  3. In the 'Team Member Notification Settings' card, tick and untick the notification types you want or don't want to receive

  4. Confirm the changes by clicking 'Update Notification Settings' at the bottom of the card.

What are the notification types?

Company Notifications

Weekly Digest

  • A weekly overview (every Monday morning) of everything that’s happening within your company/team, including holidays, birthdays and key date reminders.

Weekly Payroll Digest

  • Details any payroll changes that have been made that week.

Team Member Notifications


  • Notifies you of a team member’s birthday both seven days and the day before.

Work Anniversaries

  • Notifies you of a team member’s work anniversary both seven days and the day before.

Key Dates

  • Notifies you of a Key Date both seven days and the day before.


  • Notifies you when a team member has been archived.

Time Off (all employees)

  • Notifies you of all time off requests company wide (unticking this box means you will continue to receive notifications for your direct reports, just not company wide)

Note: Line managers and team leads are not able to unsubscribe from their notifications for their direct reports and team members.

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