As part of Charlie's first step towards enabling 360 feedback reviews, reviewers can now request, collect and add peer feedback for any of their reviewee's in Charlie.

Once a review cycle starts, the reviewer will be able to record individual pieces of feedback given by the reviewee's peers. The reviewer can also use Charlie to send nudges to request peer feedback from specific team members.

Once submitted, the reviewee is immediately able to view the peer feedback in their review cycle alongside feedback from their reviewer.

Note: Only reviewers can currently request and add peer feedback on behalf of the person that is being reviewed.

For Reviewers:

How to request peer feedback from team members in a review:

  1. Head to your 'Grow' tab on the left hand side

  2. Click on 'Reviews'

  3. Click into the review for the reviewee you're wanting to gather feedback

  4. Under 'Select Peers', tick the boxes next to the team member's name who you want to send your feedback request to. There's no limit- you can request as many as you wish!

    1. Just remember, as the reviewer you will need to input the feedback into Charlie on their behalf.

  5. Click 'nudge peers' to send out the email notifying those team members you'd like their feedback.

  6. The team members will then receive an email requesting they share their peer feedback with you.

  7. Now it's time to add the feedback into Charlie!

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How to Collect and store peer feedback in a review:

Once you have requested and received peer feedback, you can input the feedback directly into a review.

  1. Head to your 'Grow' tab on the lefthand side

  2. Click on 'Reviews'

  3. Click into the review for where you want to submit feedback

  4. Click 'Add peer feedback'

  5. Add the peers name and job title (or leave blank for anonymous feedback!)

  6. Add the feedback into the field

  7. Click 'submit and share' and the reviewee will now be able to view the peer feedback!

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For Team Members:

View peer feedback in your review:

You'll receive an email letting you know your reviewer has shared peer feedback in your review.

Access your feedback by clicking 'view feedback' or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Grow' tab on the lefthand side

  2. Click on 'Reviews'

  3. Go to your current review cycle

  4. Click on 'read feedback'

  5. You will be able to see any peer feedback your reviewer has submitted on this page.

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Admins/super admins: Need a quick reviews refresher? `Check out what is a review cycle and how to set up reviews in Charlie or sign up to join our reviews demo!

What’s coming up next in our reviews?

Keep an eye out on our Product Updates page for the ability to receive peer feedback in one place in Charlie!

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