A peer review is a form of review that allows employees to provide feedback on their colleagues (also referred to as 360 reviews). Peer feedback can be added to a review whenever you create a new review cycle in CharlieHR.

Note: Currently peer feedback is available to all reviewers - enabling it when creating a new review cycle ensures your team know this is expected, rather than optional

How to add peer feedback to a review cycle

Start setting up a new review cycle from Grow > Reviews > 'New Review Cycle'.

While creating the review you can opt to include peer feedback during step three - choosing reviewers:

If enabled, the launch email Charlie sends will notify your team that peer feedback should be gathered during this review:

Gathering and sharing peer feedback during the review cycle

Once a review cycle starts, the reviewer will be able to request peer feedback from any colleague in Charlie - admins don't need to assign who will be giving feedback prior to the cycle starting. Peers will receive an email letting them know they have been asked to provide feedback by the reviewer on a specific team member, which they can share via a link in the email. It's also possible to view all outstanding peer feedback requests in app, from Grow > Review

Submitted feedback accessible to the reviewer, who can read, edit (including anonymise if they wish) and share with the reviewee, if they wish. Once submitted, the reviewee is immediately able to view the peer feedback, alongside the traditional manager feedback.

You can read and share our guide for line managers and reviewers with your team.

Note: Only reviewers can currently request and add peer feedback on behalf of the person that is being reviewed. If the team members themselves or admins typically select who to request peer feedback from, we'd recommend passing that information to the reviewer outside of Charlie.

For Team Members:

View peer feedback in your review:

You'll receive an email letting you know your reviewer has shared peer feedback in your review.

Access your feedback by clicking 'view feedback' or follow these steps:

  1. Go to the 'Grow' tab on the lefthand side

  2. Click on 'Reviews'

  3. Go to your current review cycle

  4. Click on 'read feedback'

  5. You will be able to see any peer feedback your reviewer has submitted on this page.

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Admins/super admins: Need a quick reviews refresher? `Check out what is a review cycle and how to set up reviews in Charlie or sign up to join our reviews demo!

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