Learn more about CharlieHR

How Charlie can help your manage your HR needs

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Setting Up? Start Here!

How to Guide for setting up your Charlie account

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CharlieHR Guides

Share with your team members, line managers and team leads to get to know Charlie!

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Team member set up - everything you need to know!

Adding and setting up a new team member in Charlie

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Your team's time off & working locations

Understand and customise your company wide time off, sickness and where your team are working

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Your profile & time off

Manage your profile, login settings and time off bookings

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Collect, store and access employee details and documents

Charlie can store documents, salary & payroll info, key dates and more

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Integrations & API

How to generate API access keys to set up integrations with your Charlie account

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Security, Privacy, and Terms

Learn about our security measures, deletion processes privacy policy, and terms

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Your company handbook

A handbook is essential in staying legally compliant. It's also the perfect place to codify your company culture

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How to use our Checklist feature to easily onboard your team members

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Performance Reviews

Running performance reviews / appraisals in Charlie provides structure, automates the process and empowers meaningful conversations

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Engagement Polls

Understand how your team feels about topics including wellbeing, groth, engagement, motivation and leadership

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View pre-defined reports & make your own using our default fields and custom data you've added

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Offboarding and reactivating former team members

How to manage team members leaving your business

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Company Settings and Invoices

Manage your company settings including permissions, subscription and time off policies

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Perks is an unbeatable range of benefits, discounts and deals - and all included in your Charlie subscription.

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One-to-ones (HR advice subscribers)

Understand how Charlie's one-one tool can help support conversations between employees and managers

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Empower your team to store and track their goals and OKRs on Charlie

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