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How to book time off for yourself or for your direct reports in Charlie.

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Going on holiday? Feeling sick? Need to take a personal day?

Easily book time off for yourself in Charlie, or if you have the correct permissions you can book time off on a team member's behalf.

Note: Line managers/ team leads can book time off for their direct reports, admins and super admins can book time off for any team member company wide.

Book Time Off for yourself:

  1. Select 'Time' in the side navigation.

  2. On the Time On and Off booking page, select the type of leave and dates you’d like off.

  3. Click on 'Review'. Here you can also see who the request will be approved by, how many days of your allowance you are using, as well as how many days you have remaining.

  4. Select 'Submit Request' to confirm.

Your request will be sent to your line manager and/or team lead to be approved.

Book on behalf of a Team Member:

If you’re a Team Lead, Line Manager, Admin or Super Admin, you can book leave on behalf of a Team Member.

  1. Go to the People Section on the lefthand side, select the team member you are wanting to book time off on behalf of.

  2. Once on their profile, select the Time tab

  3. In the Time tab, scroll down to their holiday allowance and select 'book time off'

  4. Select the type of leave and dates.

  5. Add any notes you might need

  6. Click 'Submit'

    And you're done!

By doing this on their behalf, the Time Off request is automatically approved.

Need to cancel or edit an approved time off? Check out this article :)

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