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Peer feedback in reviews - for line managers & reviewers
Peer feedback in reviews - for line managers & reviewers

Learn how you can request, edit and share peer feedback within a Charlie review cycle

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When reviewing an employee in CharlieHR, you can request peer feedback from other colleagues. Peer feedback helps create an objective and informed review process, giving you a broader perspective on the individual you are reviewing.

Requesting feedback

Your company may ask you to gather peer feedback as part of your review process; if not you can still choose to do so whenever you a reviewing a team member in Charlie. Whether it's an expected part of your process or not, you can access peer feedback from the page where you would submit feedback for your reviewee:

Grow > Reviews > select the chosen active review cycle > Go to Review on any pairing where you are the reviewer > Peer feedback

Selecting peers:

You can select who you want to request feedback from in the request feedback section, simply by clicking and selecting the right people from the recipients dropdown

Pro tip: It's helpful to think about the purpose of the review and the context you may be missing when choosing who to select.

Once a request is sent, peers receive an email inviting them to share peer feedback. You will be notified when feedback has been submitted. Pending requests are shown on the same page, allowing you to nudge someone again if you're waiting on a reply.

Pro tip: Where possible, send requests for peer feedback at the start of a review cycle, to allow as much time as possible for colleagues to write and share their submissions

Receiving and editing peer feedback

After any feedback has been shared, you can access it by returning to the peer feedback page and clicking 'Read' next to the name of the colleague on the right hand panel, and then accepting that feedback.

You can also manually add feedback received outside of Charlie - click 'Add Feedback' at the top of the page.

While we'd always recommend providing identifiable feedback, you are able to edit any request, removing the name in order to share feedback anonymously.

Sharing & accessing previous peer feedback

To share the feedback with the person you're reviewing, click 'Share Feedback' and confirm - doing so will immediately notify them, and can't be cancelled, so make sure you've given everything a read before doing so!

Note: you can only share peer feedback if the peer feedback was set as required by an admin/super admin when creating the cycle. If you don't see this share option please speak with your company admin/super admin.

You can access peer feedback from review cycles that have ended via the grow tab on your profile. Just follow these steps:

Your profile > grow > Show 'ended' > Select the review cycle that contains the feedback you want to access.

Reminders & deadlines

Reviewers are able to include an optional deadline when sending a peer feedback request. This is displayed to the peer in the email notification they receive, as well as when responding to the request in app.

You are also able to send a reminder email from the feedback overview page.

If you're an admin looking to set up a review cycle that includes peer feedback - read our setup guide.


Why can't I share the feedback with my reviewee?

You're only able to share feedback if it has been enabled during the set up process of the review cycle. When peer feedback is switched off you can still gather feedback but you can't share it within the review cycle in Charlie.

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