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CharlieHR: Guide for Team Members
CharlieHR: Guide for Team Members

Your one stop shop to set up your profile, request time off, get to know your company, and check out some exciting features!

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Received your welcome email to join Charlie? Easily get set up on Charlie and explore!

Onboarding with Charlie:

Accept your invite and set up your profile!

Check your email for your Charlie invitation email, it will contain a link to set up your profile! Just follow the steps to create your password, upload your profile picture, input your details and input your payroll information.

Need to update or add information?

Moved flats and need to update your address profile? Want to change your bank details for payroll?

Just head to your profile and select the tab you need!

  • Employment tab to see details related to your role, team and office.

  • Personal Details tab for personal information such as preferred name, pronouns, email, address and phone number

  • Pay tab for payroll information (including to upload your P45 or edit/download your new starter checklist)

  • Documents tab to upload/view your documents

  • Time off tab to view and understand your holiday allowance or book holiday

  • Grow to view your Checklists and Reviews

  • Shout Outs to view any shout outs your team members have posted about you

  • Settings tab to reset your password and manage your account

Want to make sure your account is secure? Go to your profile->settings and there you will have the option to enable two factor authentication or set up Google Single Sign on.

How to book time off:

Just head over to the time tab on the lefthand side-> input your time off request and dates, review and submit!

Edit or cancel your approved/requested upcoming holiday?

Head to your Time tab on the lefthand side-> scroll down to your upcoming holiday, click the pencil icon to edit or click the bin icon to cancel!

You can sync your holiday into your google or outlook calendars!

Be sure to check out this article to understand your time off allowance.

How to find Company information:

Easily find company specific information in Charlie such as your company handbook, company details such as registered address, documents, and your company teams!

Just go to your company tab on the lefthand side and take a look.

All set up and ready to explore other features in Charlie?

  • Set up your Perks account to get awesome benefits from discounted cinema tickets, discounts at your favourite high street retailers, and earn WOW points to use while you shop!

  • Just expand the Company tab on the lefthand side-> click on Perks


  • Received an email about a review? Check out reviews under the Grow Section on the lefthand side to take a look at the review and input in your feedback!

  • Check out your checklist tab under the Grow section on the lefthand side to see if you have any outstanding tasks to complete!

Have any questions? Contact our support team with the chat icon in the right hand corner or ask your line manager/HR department :)

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