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How to collect peer feedback as a reviewer
How to collect peer feedback as a reviewer

Learn how to send peer feedback requests for your direct reports

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Note: Only super admins and admins can set review cycles up.

Once a review cycle starts, the reviewer is able to request peer feedback from any colleague in Charlie. Peers will receive an email letting them know they have been asked to provide feedback by the reviewer on a specific team member, which they can share via a link in the email.

How to collect peer feedback

  1. Choose a review for a direct report

  2. Click 'Go to Peer Feedback'

  3. Select the team members from the dropdown
    โ€‹note: setting a deadline for the feedback is optional

  4. Hit 'Send Request'

How to set Reminders & deadlines

Reviewers are able to include an optional deadline when sending a peer feedback request. This is displayed to the peer in the email notification they receive, as well as when responding to the request in app.

You are also able to send a reminder email from the feedback overview page.

Receiving and editing peer feedback

After any feedback has been shared by the peer, you can access it by returning to the peer feedback page. You can also manually add feedback received outside of Charlie - click 'Add Feedback' at the top of the page. To edit any feedback you can click on the pencil icon next to the feedback to remove all data from the 'Name' field - this will anonymise the feedback automatically.

Sharing feedback

To share the feedback with the person you're reviewing, click 'Share Feedback' and confirm - doing so will immediately notify them, and can't be cancelled, so make sure you've given everything a read before doing so!

Note: you can only share peer feedback if the peer feedback was set as required by an admin/super admin when creating the cycle. If you don't see this share option please speak with your company admin/super admin.

Note: Only reviewers can currently request and add peer feedback on behalf of the person that is being reviewed. If the team members themselves or admins want to select who to request peer feedback from, we'd recommend passing that information to the reviewer outside of Charlie.

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