Record a Sick Day in Charlie

Feeling unwell and need to book a sick day?

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Team members are easily able to record or extend sick leave in Charlie.

Line managers/team leads can record sick leave on behalf of their direct reports (as well as super admins and admins).

Record a sick day for yourself in Charlie:

Before booking a sick day in Charlie, make sure to speak to your line manager.

  • Click the 'record a sick day' button from your Charlie dashboard.

  • Enter the date range and confirm

  • Your sick leave request will be automatically approved and your line manager/team lead will receive a notification.

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Extend your sick leave:

  • Speak to your manager and let them know you're not yet on the mend

  • Head to your profile, select the 'Time Off' tab.

  • Click the pencil icon on your sick leave booking to edit your existing sick leave

  • Select 'Longer', and add the number of days you need

Note: If you need to edit/cancel a sick leave in the past, you will have to ask your line manager or team lead to make those changes for you.

Book sick leave on behalf of a team member:

Super admins/admins/team leads and line managers can book sick leave on behalf of their team members.

  • Go to your team member's profile

  • Select the book 'time off button' (make sure it says 'booking on behalf of' at the top of the box!).

  • Select 'sick' from the drop down menu

  • Enter the date range and confirm

  • The sick leave will be automatically approved

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Note: It's not possible to restrict the amount of sick leave your team members are able to take in Charlie.

If your company requires a return to work form, easily store these documents on your team members profiles.

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