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Set up the amount of holiday people have taken
Set up the amount of holiday people have taken

Moving to CharlieHR midway through your holiday year? Make sure your team have the correct amount of holiday allowance!

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can do this.

We know how important it is to make sure your team members have the correct holiday allowance when switching to a new HR system midway through your holiday year!

There are two ways admins and super admins can track holiday used before your company move to Charlie.

  1. Booking past leave on behalf of a team member (or having them book it themselves)- this allows you to track the exact dates in Charlie team members have taken during your current holiday year.

    A super admin, admin, line manager, or team lead can book time off on behalf of their direct reports following the steps outlined in this article.

  2. Amending the days approved count for each team member

    This can be done in two places- using the imported days approved column CSV to bulk add your team to Charlie. Or directly on a team member's profile.

To amend the days approved count for each person:

  1. Expand 'People" tab on the lefthand side

  2. Select the team member's profile

  3. Select the Time tab

  4. Select 'Add pre-approved days"'

  5. Input the number of days used before the move to Charlie

  6. Select 'Update Days Approved' and their allowance will now reflect their total days taken!

By doing either of the two steps above, when a team member goes onto their profile they'll be able to see the total amount of holiday they're allowed in the year, how much they've taken so far and how much they've got left.


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