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Easy steps to onboard a new starter with Charlie

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins/Team Leads can do this.

Need to add a new starter or two to Charlie? Adding a new team member is simple with Charlie.

Note: If you need to add more than 3 team members at once, or are moving from another HR system to Charlie we recommend bulk importing your team using our CSV importer. You can read more about how to use the importer here!

  1. Click on ‘People’ tab on the lefthand side

  2. Click on the ‘Add a Person’

  3. Add their details and decide whether to send them an invite now or later.

Jump ahead if you know what you're looking for:

Basic Details:

First name and last name and email address are mandatory fields.

By default we won't immediately send an invite, but if you tick the box Charlie will send an invite as soon as you finish adding the team member.

Employment Details

Add their country of employment, job title and start date.

The start date allows Charlie to automatically pro-rate their holiday based on their start date and your company’s holiday year.

Select if they are a permanent employee or freelancer.

Charlie will ask tailored questions when the employee onboards such as their bank account info for payday for a permanent employee or invoice information for a freelancer. You can read more about the different employment types on Charlie here.

Teams and Offices

We recommend adding the new employee to their team and office as it gives a good impression when they are onboarding. It allows them to see and recognise faces of their team members :)

Salary Details:

Option to input their salary details such as currency, amount etc.

Next steps

Key Date Set Up

Another helpful tip is to set up a key date for their probation end date or even preemptively setting up their review so it’s ready to go when their end of probation comes around.

Set up a key date or set up a probation review to be done at their end of probation.

Checklist Set Up

Apply any onboarding checklists the employee will need to do on their first day.

Create your own checklist template and assign checklists to your employees (customise depending on what type of team or which office they are joining for example).

Check out how to create a checklist and how to assign a checklist here.

Last but not least!

We often recommend inviting users to Charlie a couple days before they start. This allows them to meet new faces, see important company documents, upload their documents, and get comfortable with their new company before they start!

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