To sync up your Charlie and online calendars:

From the Time Off page:

  1. Head to Time in the side navigation

  2. At the top right hand side of the overview page select 'Sync Calendar'

If you're looking to import this for all team members in the company:

  1. Head to your 'Company' in the side navigation

  2. Scroll down to Settings Section

  3. Select the Integration tab

  4. Find 'Calendar' and click on 'Settings' Copy the URL of your whole company's time off calendar.

Adding the URL to Gcal

  1. Open your Google Calendar in a new browser tab.

  2. Go to ‘Other Calendar' and click the triangle icon.

  3. On the drop down menu, select Add by URL.Paste your Charlie link into the 'URL' tab and select 'Add Calendar'

And you're done. Time Off will start appearing in your Google Calendar.

Note: This can take up to 24 yours to sync, so don't worry if this does not appear immediately

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