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Create company notes

An easy way to store simple information available to everyone

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can create notes in the company section

Company notes are a great place to store information for your team to readily access - much like a virtual notice board! You can have company notes set up for your company page, allowing you to signpost your wifi password, the floor your head office is in, or even who your first aiders are! All accessible readily accessible to your employees.

Creating company notes from the main settings menu

  1. Expand 'Company' in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click on 'Settings'

  3. Select 'Information'

  4. Click 'Add New Note Type' under "Company"

    1. Populate the name

    2. Select the permissions for the note.

      Note: Company notes default to anyone - just deselect this option if needed.

  5. Click 'Create note type'

  6. All done!

Creating & populating custom cards on your Company page

  1. Click on 'Company' in the lefthand navigation

  2. Select 'Add Company Note' by scrolling towards the bottom of the page

  3. Click 'New'

    1. Populate the name

    2. Customise permissions by deselecting anyone

  4. Click 'Create note type'

  5. Select the card name under 'Company Note Type'

  6. Fill in the text

And just like that, you're all done! :D

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