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Create notes for office pages

Learn how to signpost important information on company & office pages for your team!

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can create office notes.

Office notes are a great place to store office-specific information for your team to readily access - much like a virtual notice board! You can have office notes set up for your office pages allow you signpost your wifi password, your available parking spaces as well as who your first aiders are easily to your office team.

You can create office notes from your main Information Settings menu or you can create them directly on Office pages. You can find the instructions to set this up below for both methods.

Creating company notes from the main settings menu

  1. Expand 'Company' in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click on 'Settings'

  3. Select 'Information'

  4. Click 'Add New Card Type' under "Office"

    1. Populate the name

    2. Select the permissions for the note.

      Note: Office notes default to people included in the office, just select the options needed.

  5. Click 'Create note type'

  6. All done!

Creating & populating office notes on an Office page

  1. Expand 'Company' in the lefthand navigation

  2. Click on Locations & Offices

  3. Navigate to an office by selecting the Offices tab

  4. Click 'Visit'

  5. Choose 'Add Office Note'

  6. Click 'New'

    1. Populate the name

    2. Customise permissions

  7. Click 'Create note'

  8. Select the card name under 'Company Note Type'

  9. Fill in the text.

And just like that your are all done! :D

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