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Upload and store key documents in your company profile

Store company wide documents such as policies, document templates & newsletters, accessible to all employees or specific permission levels.

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can do this

The company profile is the perfect place to store important documents such as handbooks, policies, onboarding documentation and newsletters. Any documents uploaded to your company folder can also be included in onboarding checklists, which means this is a great place to include any new starter documentation.

You can also control which permission levels can view each folder. This means you can also store documents specifically for line managers, team leads or company admins.

Adding a new document folder:

Permissions are set at the folder level, and to store a document you first need to create the folder.

To add a folder:

  • Head to the Company tab

  • Select "Add Folder" from the document options

  • You can name the folder and select your preferred permission level.

    • You can see the permission options by deselecting 'anyone'

  • The folder is now ready to use

Adding a document:ย 

Once the folder is created

  • select "add a document" from the document options.

  • Choose the folder in which you would like this to be saved

  • Add a description if necessary

  • You can choose to either upload a file directly, or to link to a file stored on an external file storage platform such as Onedrive, Dropbox or Gdrive

  • Done!

โ€‹Pro Tip: This is a great option for documents that are frequently updated such as onboarding packs, to ensure you've always got the most up to date version in Charlie

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