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Reset your password

Forgotten your password? Easily reset your password on the login page!

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If you've forgotten your password, or need to reset it before logging in, you can follow the steps here - or if you're getting an error message, but you're not sure why, check out our troubleshooting checklist.

Forgotten your password

  • Go to the Charlie login page

  • Input your company domain

    • This is usually your company name in a format like this:

    • Note: usually your browser will store this login page as a cookie, so if you're used to going straight to putting in your email and password, then you can skip this step.

  • Click on the 'forgot your password' link below the login box

  • Enter your Charlie login email address.

    • Sometimes your login email can be your personal email address, work email or another email address you have! You can always ask your company admin/super admin or line manager to double check your Charlie login email on your profile.

  • You will then receive a password reset link, just click the link to enter a new password.


1. I'm getting a email/password incorrect error - but I'm sure everything is right

  • Double check with your admin/super admin that your login email is correct. It can sometimes happen that companies add personal emails as the login email initially.

  • Double check your company domain is correct - this is the unique link for your company's CharlieHR account, it's usually in a format like this: - get in touch with your admin/super admin to confirm the company domain.

2. My Google SSO isn't recognised

  • Check out this article for our Google SSO troubleshooting advice.

3. I'm not receiving the reset email

  • Double check your company domain. The most common cause of not receiving this email is that you've entered the company domain incorrectly. You can always double check with any of your colleagues or get them to copy and paste the link when logged in to your company's Charlie account.

4. I accidentally created a new account

  • Follow these steps to delete your duplicate account.

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