Add your team members all at once!

Easily use our CSV bulk importer to add your team to your Charlie Account!

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can use this feature

If you are moving your team from another HR system to Charlie or have previously been storing all your company information in spreadsheets there's no need to add team member's one by one onto Charlie! You can use our CSV importer to easily transfer and upload your team member information into Charlie!

Want guidance on setting up your account including adding your team member's all at once?

Join one of our group set up demos where we will cover the core settings needed to get started, hand out some handy tips and we'll have a Q&A session at the end.

To Bulk Import Your Team Members by CSV:

  • Head over to the People tab on the lefthand side

  • Click on the drop down arrow next to 'Add a Person'

  • Click on 'Import People'

  • You will see the option to download our CSV template, click download

  • Copy and paste your team member data into the CSV template

    NOTE: Not all fields are mandatory but you most input first name, last name and email address as the bare minimum for a bulk import.

    It is also important to not remove or change any of the CSV headings, if a column is not relevant just leave it blank. You can read more about our template guidance and breakdown of all columns here)

  • Once you have input your data into the required fields, make sure to save the file as a .CSV (only .CSVs can be uploaded into Charlie any other file type will receive an error upon uploading).

    csv upload spreadsheet

  • Return to the import people page on your Charlie account, either drag and drop the completed CSV or click upload to select the file.

  • Charlie will then import your team members and then you can get started finishing your Charlie account set up!


  • Are team members automatically sent an invite when they are added by CSV?

    If you input TRUE in the invitation field then invites will automatically be sent to team members, if FALSE is input in the invitation field no invites will be sent and you will be able to send invitations out at a later time.

  • Do I have to populate all the fields?

    No, the only required fields are first name, last name and email address.
    Note: To add the line manager for a team member you will need to fill in all the line manager fields, if any are left blank(email, first name and last name) you will receive an error when trying to upload the CSV.

    Note: As with line managers, if you leave any salary field blank (payroll currency, current salary amount, current salary frequency, date salary came into effect) you will receive an error when trying to upload the CSV.

  • I tried to upload the CSV but received an error:

    Double check your formatting (you cannot remove or change any of the headings), check your input formatting and have a look at our template guidance article for specific breakdown of the columns.

  • Can I use a CSV to update existing team member profiles? Yes you can download a current up to date CSV, make changes to the fields and re-upload the CSV onto the People tab.

    • Please note you will need to check the formatting of some of the fields such as phone numbers as excel or google sheets automatically will re-format upon the download.

  • Can I use the CSV to populate custom card or bulk add documents?

    No, you can only use the CSV to upload information in the default fields on Charlie. Documents and custom cards will need to be uploaded individually for team members.

Any other questions? Contact us via Live Chat or [email protected] and we'll be happy to help!

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