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How to log into Charlie and troubleshoot any login errors

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Everything you need to know about signing in, changing your password and troubleshooting login errors on Charlie.

To Login:

  • Just head to charliehr.com

  • Input your company domain.

    • This is the domain your company created when first signing up to Charlie. This is usually your company name but sometimes this can differ depending on how it was set up. If you have any questions about your company domain, it's best to speak to your company admins/super admins or refer to your welcome email from Charlie which will have your domain clearly listed at the bottom.

    • Note: If you frequently log into your Charlie account, Charlie uses cookies to remember your company domain so it will automatically take you directly to your email and password login page.

  • Input your Charlie login email and password

    • Forgot your password? No problem! Follow these steps to request a password reset link.

  • Done! You will automatically be logged into your company Charlie account.


  • Received an error that we can't find your google profile? Check out this article for Google SSO troubleshooting specifically

  • Are you getting an error that your email or password isn't recognised? Double check your company domain is correct by following the steps above.

    • Sometimes your login email can be your personal email address, work email or another email address you have! You can always ask your company admin/super admin or line manager to double check your Charlie login email on your profile.

  • Have you requested a password reset but not received the email? You might be using the incorrect company domain! Follow the steps above to double check your company domain and that you are logging into the correct account.

  • Tried to login and accidentally created a new account instead? Follow these steps to delete your duplicate account.


How long do I stay logged in Charlie?

Log in session on Charlie last 30 minutes, then you will need to log in your account again. You can select "remember me" when you log in next time to alway stay signed in.

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