Note: Only Admins and Super Admins are able to do this

To be ready to set up a cycle you will need to decide on:

  1. The template that you want to use

  2. Who will be reviewed

  3. Who the reviewers will be?

To set up a review cycle:

Step 1: Navigate to the Reviews section and click the blue ‘New review cycle’ button
Step 2: Select the template that you want to use for the reviews (or create a new one)
Step 3: Select the reviewees that you want to take part in the review
Step 4: Select the reviewer(s) - who will be responsible for discussing feedback in the review meeting (this can be set to everyone’s line manager in one click)
Step 5: Select the review cycle start and end date and give your review cycle a title
Step 6: Keep or update the default kick off email and select whether you want to set a reminder to run reviews again.
Step 7: Review the details and ‘Schedule’ the review cycle

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