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How to include peer feedback into a review cycle
How to include peer feedback into a review cycle

A guide for admins on how to include peer feedback into a review cycle

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Peer feedback is a feature of Charlie's reviews tool that allows a manager to gather feedback from colleagues as part of a review cycle, a process often referred to as 360 feedback, or 360 reviews. Peer feedback can be added to a review whenever you create a new review cycle in CharlieHR.

Note: Currently peer feedback is available to all reviewers by default - enabling it when creating a new review cycle ensures your team know this is required, rather than optional. By disabling peer feedback on a review cycle any feedback collected cannot be shared with the reviewee, it will only be visible to the reviewer.

How to add peer feedback to a review cycle

Start setting up a new review cycle from Grow > Reviews > 'New Review Cycle'.

While creating the review you can opt to include peer feedback in step 1 when choosing a template for the cycle.

Just toggle on if you want to include peer feedback for everyone in this cycle, or leave un-toggled to leave it up to the individual reviewers.

If enabled, you can include a message, specific questions, or areas for peers to consider for their feedback in the box provided that will be included in the peer feedback request email and form itself.

The launch email Charlie sends will notify your team that peer feedback should be gathered during this review:

The below is sent to team members as part of this email:

Learn about how to gather peer feedback as a reviewer here.

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