How to create a review cycle in Charlie

Easily set up and launch a review for your team!

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Note: Only Admins and Super Admins are able to create and run reviews in Charlie.

Before you set up a review cycle you need to know:

  1. The template that you want to use in the review

  2. Who will be reviewed?

  3. Who will be the reviewers?

To set up a review cycle:

  1. Click on the Grow tab on the lefthand side of your dashboard -> Reviews

  2. Click on 'New Review Cycle'

  3. Select the template that you want to use for the reviews (or create a new one)

  4. Select the reviewees that you want to take part in the review (everyone company wide or specific team members only)

  5. Select the reviewer(s) - who will be responsible for discussing feedback in the review meeting (this can be set to everyone’s line manager in one click, one team member for all reviews, or you can assign them individually later on).

  6. Toggle the include peer feedback if you want peer feedback to be required in the cycle

    1. note: not requiring peer feedback doesn't disable it for all reviews, the reviewer will still be able to request peer feedback if they chose once the cycle launches.

  7. Click Save- your review is saved as a draft and you can then input your start and end dates when you're ready.

    1. note: If you exit the review creation process at any time, your review will automatically be saved as a draft on your activity page

  8. You can then input the final information:

    1. Review cycle name

    2. Review cycle launch date (date the cycle opens and the launch email goes out)

    3. Review cycle end date (date the cycle ends and the review is locked)- you can extend a review if necessary at any time.

    4. You can also customise the launch email to include additional directions, clarifications or anything you want to add!

    5. You can also change reviewers as needed from this page

9. Done!

The review will now appear as upcoming on your activity page (you can make any edits you need to any of the above by clicking into the review before the launch date).

Created a draft cycle by mistake? Easily delete the cycle from the cycle actions tab.

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