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Reactivate an archived / off-boarded team member
Reactivate an archived / off-boarded team member

How to reactivate the accounts of former team members on Charlie

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If a former team member is rejoining your company, you are able to reactivate their old Charlie account without losing historic data. This is a better solution than creating a brand new account for them as it links both periods of employment and helps preserve a unified view of your team.

Simply follow these steps

  1. Head to 'People' in the side navigation.

  2. Next to the 'Everyone' button, click on the arrow and select 'Archived'.

  3. Click into the individual employee you are looking to reactivate, and select 'edit off-boarding'.

  4. Set their new first day under the 'reactivation date' field. Doing so will automatically calculate their time off allowance based on that start date.

The account will remain archived, but will automatically reactivate on the date selected.

Note: The team member's original start date will remain on their profile, you are able to create a new key date to record their 're-activation date' if you'd like, alternatively you can overwrite the start date if you would like to record the new start date and save the previous start date on a custom card on the employees profile.

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