Part time: Turn Off Hourly Working

How to disable hourly working for your team members

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins/Team Leads can set up hourly working weeks

On Charlie, you can set up working weeks for team members that differ from your company default working week to accurately manage team members' holiday allowance and time off bookings. This article is all about disabling/ turning off hourly working weeks previously set up for an employee.

What happens when I turn off hourly working weeks for an employee?

Turning off hourly working weeks for an employee will automatically delete all approved and pending time off requests booked while the employee was set up to work as hourly.

Please make a note of all requests approved and pending, as well as the employees remaining allowance prior to disabling hourly working weeks for the employee, to keep a record of it.

How do I turn hourly working weeks off?

  1. Head to a team member's profile

  2. Click on the 'Settings' tab

  3. Scroll down to the 'Working week' section

  4. Identify all working weeks set in hourly (past - current - future)

  5. Click the bin icon

  6. Click "Delete"

The employee will automatically revert to the company default working week so if you need to make further changes, you can do so within that same section (Part time: Half day working weeks)

And you're all done!

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