Offboarding/Archiving an Employee

How to mark an employee as leaving and archive their profile after they’ve resigned.

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins/Team Leads can do this.

You can offboard an employee as soon as you know their last day, automatically calculating their remaining holiday allowance.

When an employee is offboarded, their account is archived rather than completely deleted. They will no longer be an active user and will be unable to log into Charlie after their offboarding date. At this point, they will no longer be counted towards future invoices. However, you are always able to view their profile, and if necessary, reactivate it.

To Offboard an employee:

1. Go to the employee’s profile

2. Select the settings tab

3. In the offboarding section, select ‘offboard team member’

4. Enter the leaving date and any notes.

Once the leaving date is selected, Charlie will automatically pro-rate their remaining holiday allowance.

Note - This pro rated calculation will not include any manual adjustments made to the employees holiday as this is not considered part of their base holiday entitlement. This article explains how pro rated leave is calculated in Charlie.

This confirmation page will confirm the pro-rated holiday and leaving date as well as who is going to be notified.

Super admins, admins, the line manager and any of the team member's team leads can see offboarding information on the team members profile.

The employee will not receive an email or notification they are being offboarded, however they will be able to see the changes on their profile.

*Admins and Payroll admins are able to opt out of receiving these notifications on their notification settings page

What’s next?

Once you know someone is leaving, use an off-boarding checklist to keep track of necessary tasks, and ensure you schedule an exit interview before they leave.

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