A review cycle is the period of time set for review participants to complete their preparation for the review and have their review meeting .Each review cycle will need to be created by an Admin or Super Admin. 

On the day that the review cycle launches, all participants will receive an email notifying them that the cycle has begun and during the review cycle they will receive further prompting notifications. All reviews will then be locked at the end of the cycle - in mitigating circumstances you may want to extend the review cycle to allow people to complete their reviews.

Admins and Super Admins will be able to see all review cycles for the company in all states. Team members will only be able to see the review cycles that they are a participant in when it has started. 

These review cycles can be seen in the Activity tab of the Reviews sections and can be in four states:

  1. Ending soon - review cycle is ending within five days

  2. In progress - review cycle has started and has five or more days left

  3. Starting today - review cycle launched today

  4. Coming up - review cycle has not yet launched

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