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Interview Staggering

Learn how to stagger your interview stages to allow you to have more than one interview in each stage of your hiring process

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During your interview process, you may require a candidate to meet with several different members of your chosen panel, and rather than have everyone on one long call, which can be tough for both yourself and your candidate, you can use Recruit to stagger the interviews, so you can have breaks in between each step, or use one interview as prep for a task, and the second as the task itself.

You can do this by adding a second interview in a stage when you're setting up your job. Simply tap 'Add interview' to include further steps.

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So for your example, the first interview could be 60 minutes, and the member for this one would be your hiring inbox, and the second could be 30 minute, with another member of your panel as the member selected.

When this has been set up, candidates will then be able to see the different steps of their upcoming interview process when its booked in.

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