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Creating and using scorecards
Creating and using scorecards

Learn how to create scorecard templates which you can add to jobs as competencies or skills to mark candidate suitability against

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Using scorecards in your hiring process is a really valuable way to avoid bias when looking at your candidates, and looking at their suitability for a role based on their strengths, values and experience. Scorecards allow you to create competencies, skills or traits you're looking for in your ideal hire, and these are then able to be attached to jobs.

You can create your own templates which can be general, looking at skills such as communication and critical thinking, as well as role specific templates, for example if you were hiring a software developer, you could create a scorecard based around competencies in this field. Just head to Settings>Scorecard Templates, and tap 'Create template' to get started.

A scorecard can have multiple competencies, and each competency can have its own sub-competency, depending on how in-depth you'd like this to be.

Once you've created a scorecard, it will be stored in the Scorecard Templates tab, where you can use the search bar to find a specific template, as well as edit and delete templates.

When you're ready to add a scorecard to a job, you can either do this during the job creation process as one of the steps as you follow the creation flow, or if you'd like to add one in after creating the job, simply locate the job, tap the menu in the top right hand corner and select 'Scorecards Stage'. You can then simply import a scorecard, which will allow you to chose which scorecards you need for this role, or if you think of any other competencies you haven't yet created, these can be added in at this step too.

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