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Customising your hiring process
Customising your hiring process

Customise your screening and interview processes to allow your company culture to shine through for potential candidates

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Every business has their own ways of working and their own culture, and with a fully customisable workflow for creating your ideal steps for screening and interviewing, you can let this shine through for potential candidates and give them a taste of what they can expect if successful.

When creating a job, you'll come to the Interview Stage, where you will set up your screening and interview stages, and decide how many stages you'd like for screening, and how many for interviewing. You'll start off with the default of one stage for screening and one for interviewing, and can simply tap 'Add new stage' to add more.

You'll also see the option to specify the type of interview you will be holding, the options being:

  • A phone call

  • A video Q&A - Ask the candidate a series of questions, and they will then record their answers in a video which will then be saved in their candidate profile

  • Video - Choose between Zoom, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams. You'll be able to set this up under My Integrations in the Settings menu.

  • In person interview

  • Technical test - Choose a test from a list we provide, or add your own. We will share the candidates score with you once they're done

When you move to the Interview Details section, this is where you can review the email that will be sent to candidates who make it to this stage, set up the duration of your screening or interview, add in any team members who will serve as the panel for the interviews, and you can also switch on automation to allow the system to send an email link for this interview stage as soon as they are moved to this stage, so that you don't have to manually do this for every candidate who is moving through the process.

Note: This feature is unavailable if you are using blind hiring.

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