Note: Our Diversity reporting tool is currently available to HR Advice customers.

An aggregated report is a great place to start when crafting your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. You can use Charlie to collect information and report on your team's diversity across a number of important characteristics. You can read more on the categories we collect information here.

In order for you to run this report you'll first need to invite everyone to fill in a new section on their profile pages.

  • Once a majority of the team has completed this information you will be able to see a report showing the diversity of your team members across a number of characteristics.

How to collect diversity information

Before you can report on diversity information you'll need to collect it all together!

Step 1/3 - Announcing your intentions

Asking the team for this kind of information is something best approached carefully and deliberately. For this reason we recommend you begin by announcing your intentions to collect this information, giving everyone plenty of time (we recommend 2 weeks) to understand what you're asking for and why; as well as to ask any questions they have about how this information will be used. We provide a templated message in the Diversity information settings if you're not sure of the right words to use.

Step 2/3 - Switching on diversity information

The next step is pretty straightforward: simply switch on diversity information collection for everyone in the company. You can find this option in Company Information Settings, under the Diversity Data section:

Step 3/3 - Inviting Everyone to Participate

Finally, you'll want to officially invite everyone to enter their details so that the reporting process can begin. You will have two weeks to collect information from your team before your first report is generated, so make sure you communicate this deadline to your team. If you find engagement with your invitation is not what you hoped, you can remind everyone with another templated message.

Reporting on your Team's Diversity

You'll be able to find your new reports in the Reports tab of the DE&I section on Charlie.

Once 5 team members have self-identified under a certain category you'll be able to get an aggregated picture of the team's composition.

You may not be able to report in much detail across all categories of information because too few people have identified under a certain category - this is to protect those individuals' anonymity.

An aggregated report is a great place to start, but it can't give you the full picture. This information is most valuable when combined with a qualitative inclusion survey. This allows you to identity how different demographic groups experience a sense of belonging at your company.

If you're having trouble interpreting the results of your diversity report then you can talk to your advisor about drawing out insights and designing strategies to improve the diversity, equity and inclusion of your company culture.

When you've pulled all of the insights you can from the information - share them with the whole team! They made it possible and so they deserve to know about the fruits of their labour :) Being transparent with the data, as well as the strategies you are implementing as a result also builds a sense of shared ownership and accountability within the business, and makes clear that the information was not gathered only as a form of box ticking, but instead as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Protecting Anonymity

Each person's individual Diversity section will only be visible to themselves and will be obscured by default until they click to reveal it on the page (to keep it safe from anyone over their shoulder).

No other user in Charlie, including account super admins will be able to see anyone's individual diversity information and your reports will not display information about categories in which fewer than 5 people self-identify.

If you wish to offer specific support or accommodations for anyone in your team that you feel might not be suitably supported at work then we recommend you reach out to the team separately from this data collection process.

Encourage everyone that feels comfortable doing so to come forward to you if they feel they need further accommodations, for example with a neurodivergence. Your HR advisor can offer you help in fostering a safe environment for individuals to come forward.

Finally, no one at Charlie has access to any individual diversity information - it is anonymised at the point of entry.

Data Security

Every line of code in Charlie has been written with your security in mind. We are both Cyber Essentials certified and ISO 27001:2013 certified. We also frequently review and externally test our software to keep it ahead of emerging threats. You can read more about our approach to data security here.

If your company, or anyone in your team, wishes to have their data deleted, please get in touch via customer support for help doing this.


Diversity information in Charlie is managed by our Team Member privacy policy. Since we believe diversity information should stay anonymous, this policy outlines how the team member acts as the data controller in this instance rather than the company they work for. What this mean in reality is that your company cannot ever request access to your diversity information from CharlieHR.

You can read the privacy policy in full here

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