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How to integrate LinkedIn with Recruit
How to integrate LinkedIn with Recruit

Learn how to increase your hiring range by utilising LinkedIn job ads

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When you're looking for high quality candidates for a role, one of the most popular job boards is LinkedIn.

You can use your job URL when creating your LinkedIn advert to redirect candidates, allowing you to manage your applicants in the job's kanban board.

To do this, get started by creating a job on LinkedIn. You can enter the job description and fill in any other important details, and when you get to stage two of the process, you'll be asked how you want to receive applicants. You'll need to chose the 'At an external website' option here, and you'll be asked to enter a link:

To get the link for the job, simply head to Recruit, and to your Jobs tab, tap the three dots next to the relevant job, and then tap 'Copy Job URL':

Once that's done, simply paste it into the 'Website address' box on LinkedIn, and you're all set!

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