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How artificial intelligence is used in Recruit
How artificial intelligence is used in Recruit

Learn how you can benefit from using Recruit's built in AI system to create job adverts and evaluate candidates

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One of the most time consuming parts of the hiring process is creating your job adverts. You want them to be informative whilst also being inviting to potential candidates, and with Recruit's innovative built in AI system, you can do just that.

When creating a new job, the first thing you want to do is enter your job title. You'll also be looking to fill in the industry, location, salary etc - but our AI needs just the job title to be able to create a job description for you.

When you get down to the job description box, simply tap 'Generate with AI' and you will be asked to choose the tone of voice you'd like to be used. You have a choice between Fun, Friendly and Professional, and once you're happy with your choice, tap 'Go' and let the system work its magic!

Of course, the description is still fully customisable, so if you do feel you want to tweak anything once the description has been generated, you have the freedom to do this.

Our AI will also help you out with evaluating which candidates look like the best fit for the job through the Candidate Match Scoring system, which will save you time in your hiring process and help you prioritise candidates who seem the most qualified for the role.

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