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Candidate Match Scoring

Understanding how Recruit helps you see the best candidate matches for your role

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How is a ‘candidate match score’ calculated?

When a candidate applies for a job role, their CV is parsed and given a score against the job advert to help recruiters and hiring managers make better choices of who to focus on.

This score is based on an algorithm that considers multiple factors, including job title and skills highlighted in their experience.

You can hover over the score to see whether the candidate is a good match for job title and/or key skills in their job advert.

What does the ‘candidate match score threshold’ mean when I’m creating a new job?

When setting up a job, you can determine the % match you deem a ‘fit match’, which will enable you to pull candidates from your candidate database who are above that threshold into the ‘sourced’ column.

This only happens, if you choose to, job by job. You can set that % on job setup, but nothing further will happen to those candidates (for example, they’re not automatically added to an interview loop), unless action is taken from the job Kanban.

Why does a candidate have a score out of 5 on the Kanban rather than candidate match score?

When a candidate progresses through the process, if they have a scorecard rating against them, this then takes precedence over the ‘candidate match score’.

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