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What is Blind Hiring?

Hide basic candidate information for a more objective

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Note: Blind hiring can only be enabled during the creation of a new job listing and only applies to new applicants.

Blind Hiring is a feature in Charlie Recruit which obscures a candidate's identity information such as name, race and ethnicity.

This recruitment process that removes all personal and demographic information from the hiring process. This allows hiring managers to assess candidates based on their abilities alone, reducing the impact of unconscious bias and promoting a more diverse workforce.

Blind Hiring is not a default setting when creating a new role listing, but you can enable this in the second step of your role creation.

Blind Hiring ends when a candidate is moved beyond the screening interview stage as personal information about the candidate is now known to the interviewer.

After the screening interview stage their information will be permanently revealed, even if the candidate moves back to the initial stage, or applies for another role within your organisation.

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