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Connecting Cronofy to Charlie Recruit
Connecting Cronofy to Charlie Recruit

A guide to connect Cronofy to your Charlie recruit to automate your scheduling features coordinating

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When first setting up Charlie Recruit for your company, you will be asked to integrate Cronofy.

This integration is essential if you would like to use Recruit's auto-scheduling features - such as booking in co-ordinated interviews across your team - that you connect to Cronofy.
Please make sure you double check when you do this that you are signing up with the correct email server.
The majority of companies which use Microsoft (including an outlook email) will usually have their calendar as part of their Microsoft 360 suite, rather than Outlook.

To integrate with Cronofy head to Settings --> Integrations --> My integrations --> and follow the steps to finalise your integration.

All done!

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