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Filter Reports in Charlie
Filter Reports in Charlie

Easily filter your reports by teams, offices and even a specific point in time!

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We've introduced new filters to our reports feature!

You can now save time and pull more granular reports by filtering by team, office or even point-in-time reporting directly in Charlie.

Team member filters

You can now filter team member reports by:

  • Employment type Permanent and freelancers

  • Offices (multi-select)

  • Teams (multi-select)

  • Include or exclude archived team members from the report

Date Filters

The type of date filter that applies to a report depends on the report itself. You can hover over the information icon to find out exactly what the date filters are. You can see a handy example below.

The four types of date filters are:

  • Active team members in this period

This date filter applies to all reports in the 'Team Member' section, the Tenure report, and any custom Team Member reports.

We define an active team member as some who:

  1. Has not been offboarded, or their offboarding date is after the earliest date selected

  2. Their start date is before the second date in the range

Note: Start dates are required on all team members' profile in order to calculate this. To view team members without a start date do not filter by date.

  • Time off within this period

This date filter applies to all the standard reports in the 'Time On and Off' section except for the 'Holiday used this leave year' report - this report is specifically tied to your leave year. This filter will show all time off that falls within the range selected. This filter can also be used on all custom Time off reports created.

  • Leavers within a period

This applies to the Leavers report only. The offboarding date for the team member must fall within the range for them to show up.

  • Starters within a period

This applies to the Joiners and Payroll data reports only. The onboarding date for the team member must fall within the range for them to show up.

How to apply 1 or more filters

  1. Head to the Reports tab on the lefthand navigation

  2. Choose a report to filter

  3. Click on Filter

  4. Input a date range and select/ deselect any other filters

  5. Click apply

  6. Done!

Note: to undo the filters just click 'clear filters' at the top of the report to reset rows

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