Add and track salaries in Charlie

Recording a new salary on Charlie is easy

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Note: Only Super Admins can do this.

You can record Salaries & bonuses in Charlie, as well as view historic changes. Changes in salaries in Charlie can be automatically flagged for payroll purposes using our payroll changes log.

To create a new salary on someone's profile:

new IA- add a salary
  1. Head to their profile.

  2.  Click on 'Pay' from the tab menu.

  3. Click on the padlocked 'Salary' section

  4. Select the 'Add a new salary' button.

  5. Enter the details of the new salary.

  6. Click 'Save' and you're done.

You can easily edit a team member's salary by clicking the cog wheel next to any salary and make edits to the frequency, amount, start date, etc.

To create multiple new salaries in one go

new IA- create new salaries at once
  1. Head to 'People' in the side nav.

  2. Select the 'Settings' section.

  3. Select the 'Payroll' tab

  4. Select the office you would like to change salary for

  5. Select the settings icon next to someone's name.

  6. Create a new salary by selecting the 'Add new salary' button.

  7. Enter the details and select 'Add Salary'.

  8. Repeat for anyone else.

Accessing historical salary information

From a user's profile:

  1. Head to their profile.

  2. Click on 'Pay' from the tab menu.

  3. Click on the padlocked 'Salary' section

  4. Click on History to see all previous salaries

view historical salary info new IA

For all your team members

  1. Head to 'People' in the side nav.

  2. Select 'Settings'

  3. Select the 'Payroll' tab.

  4. Click to expand the 'Salary Adjustments' sections, grouped by office

  5. Click on the team member whose salary history you want to view

  6. Click Show History to view previous salaries in descending date order

view historical salaries in bunches
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