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Salary Update in Xero Integration
Salary Update in Xero Integration

Learn more about how salaries are synced from Charlie to Xero

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Note: Only Super Admins can access salary updates on Xero integration page.

What is the benefit of syncing salaries between Charlie and Xero?

We understand how important it is to correctly reflect any salary changes to your payroll system. With the automatic salary sync, you can review all the salary changes you have made for the upcoming months from within Charlie and send them to Xero with one click, saving time on admin and ensuring your team is paid correctly!

How does the salary sync work?

The salary sync works in one direction: from CharlieHR to Xero. Whenever you enter a new salary for a Team Member in Charlie with an 'effective from' date in the future, we then check in Xero to see whether that information matches their records. If it doesn't, the salary update is listed on the Xero integration page for a Super Admin to review.

After reviewing the changes, you can choose to Sync Salary by pushing the button. If the salary is pushed successfully to Xero, you'll see a success message in the bottom righthand corner. The record disappears from the salary update list, and you'll see the salary marked as SYNCED in the status table for that Team Member.

If the salary sync does not go through, you'll see the reason for the failure in the salary update column.

Note: You cannot change salaries in Xero after there has been a pay run for that Team Member in that month.

Check out our troubleshooting article to get answers to frequently asked questions!

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