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Salary Changes Report
Salary Changes Report

See how your team's salary has changed in Charlie with our new report

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Note: Only super admins and payroll admins can access this full report. Admins can access the report however, due to their permissions all salary information and amounts will show as restricted.

Easily report on recent salary changes in Charlie for your team to help inform progression and compensation for your team!

Our salary changes report includes the following:

  • Employment type

  • Job title

  • Salary amount

  • Percentage increase

    • formula for calculation: (new salary - old salary) divided by old salary

  • Salary effective date (when it went into effect)

  • Total number of salary changes

  • Last salary amount

  • Last salary effective date

  • Tenure

  • Team

  • Gender

To access the report:

  1. Click on Reports

  2. Choose the Payroll tab

  3. Click on 'Salary Change' to view the report

Note: The salary changes report only includes current salary and the last active salary, this report does not contain a full list of all historical salaries for team members. We do include the total number of salary changes and you can view the full breakdown and past salaries on the team member's profile -> pay tab under the salary section. Check out this article on how to add and track salaries in Charlie.

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