Uploading & Accessing Payslips on Charlie

How best to store payslips on Charlie

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins can do this.

You can upload payslips as a document on Charlie, alongside other important payroll related documents for your team such as P60s

To store these specifically as payslips you can create a ‘Payslips’ document folder.

To create a document type :

  1. Expand the 'Company' section from the side navigation

  2. Select the 'Settings' tab within the 'Company' section

  3. Select the 'Information' tab on the Settings page

  4. Select Add New Folder next to Team Member Folders

  5. Name the folder Payslip and set the relevant permission level. For sensitive documents, we would recommend allowing only super admins and payroll admins access.

You can now use this folder to upload payslips on any team member's individual profiles

Note: The folder won't show on each team member's profile until documents have been added to it

To upload the payslips:

  1. Head to a team member's profile.

  2. On the navigation bar, select 'Documents'.

  3. Click Add Document

  4. Select the Payslips folder and enter a description of the document, such as 'January payslip'

  5. Now the document is created, simply Drag and drop or select the file to upload


Can I automatically upload payslips from my accounting platform, such as Xero.

At the moment, Charlie does offer a direct integration with Xero and Pento, however these integrations do not yet include this functionality. If you would like to see this new functionality included, please let us know through the Live Chat. For now the steps above are the best way to add payslips generated by your accounting platform to CharlieHR

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