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Review Cycle: A Team Member's Guide
Review Cycle: A Team Member's Guide
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On Charlie, a review cycle is the period of time your company sets to complete your regular review. A review follows these steps:

  • A reviewee submits their feedback and responses to the prompts/questions

  • A reviewer submits their feedback and responses to the prompts/question
    Optional (include peer feedback)

  • Both parties meet and discuss the feedback and the reviewer inputs final meeting notes including any actions and decisions.

Once the Review cycle has been created and launched, you will receive an email notification that the cycle has now begun. Other notifications include: a reminder halfway through the cycle, an email to let you know your reviewer has submitted feedback and any peer feedback.

You can begin your review task by clicking into:

  1. The email notification

  2. The grow section on the lefthand navigation -> Reviews

  3. Your profile -> Grow

Once in the review cycle you can begin answering the questions and provide feedback. Once feedback has been submitted it cannot be edited or removed. And once your feedback is submitted, your reviewer will receive a notification email letting them know the feedback is ready to read.

Any answers you fill in but do not submit, will be saved as a draft for you to edit/complete at a later stage. The deadline for you to submit your review will be flagged in the review cycle.


Can I edit my feedback after I submit it?

Once feedback is submitted it cannot be edited or unshared. All feedback is saved as a draft in the review before submission so please ensure you have answered/reviewed all the questions.

Who can see my answers?

Your answers will be visible to all Admins and Super Admins, as well as your reviewer.

Note: Feedback once submitted cannot be edited or unshared.

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