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Linking to external documents

Include up to date links to documents stored on Google Drive, Sharepoint, Dropbox and more

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Charlie is a great central repository for all of your HR info and works great with Google Drive and Dropbox.

To link to external documents on a Team Member’s profile:

  1. Head to the Team Member’s profile.

  2. Go to Documents in the tab menu.

  3. [If necessary, select 'New type' to create a Document type. Name it, select who can view it and click ‘Create Document’ to confirm.]

  4. Click ‘Add Document’ and select the document you would like to add to the Team Member’s profile.

  5. Select ‘Link to File’ and copy the document link you’d like to see in Charlie.

  6. Select ‘Save Document’

And you’re all done!

Can't see certain documents? Some files are permissions controlled

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