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Understanding reporting in Charlie
Understanding reporting in Charlie

Understanding your team's time off, sick leave, new starters & leavers, and personal data

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This article covers all the available reports and what you will find in each.

Basic and full team member data:

This report includes a breakdown of data associated with each of your team members on two levels of detail. The basic report includes:

  • Login & personal email

  • Date of birth

  • Gender

  • Start date

  • Job Title

The full report includes additional info on employment status, contact info, salary data and key documents saved to their profile.

Payroll Data:

This report includes all the data you would need to run your payroll process internally, or to pass to an external accountant or agency. It includes

  • Bank details

  • National Insurance number

  • Salary, including currency, frequency and date effective from

  • Full address

This report is useful when paired with our Payroll Changes log to identify any updated details

Time Off Overview

This report is your go to for an overview of all time off data for your team. This includes:

  • Individual allowances

  • Days approved this year

  • Days taken so far

  • Any manual leave limit adjustments

  • Any days imported

This data is always correct as of the day the report is being viewed. At the moment it's not possible to see this from another point in time.

Monthly, yearly, and (all time) time off requests

These reports offer a breakdown of individual time off requests and associated data. If you are looking to dig deep into the usage of individual time off types, or understand the specifics of when and by whom a request was approved, this is the right report.

You can filter these reports in a number of ways:

  • Start date

  • End date

  • Overlaps with

  • Actioned On

  • Created At

  • Updated at

Sick Leave:

This report breaks down your team's sick leave totals both within your current holiday year as well as on a rolling 12 month basis.

New Starters and archived team members reports:

These reports identify who has joined and left your company on monthly and yearly basis. This would be where to look to understand your turnover, and work out your head count at different points in time.

Contact information reports:

We have also included standalone reports for addresses, emergency contact info, email and phone numbers

Exporting reports

All reports in Charlie can be exported as CSV files which can in turn be uploaded to Excel, Sheets or other tools for more in depth analysis.

Export history

Previously exported reports can be downloaded at the very bottom of the reports page. This also allows you to view who has downloaded previous reports and on which date.

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