Note: Only Super Admins/Payroll Admins can view this report.

Keeping up to date with changes to employee details is essential for running a smooth and accurate payroll process. Charlie helps by gathering changes within the platform in one place.

Where to find it:

  1. Select 'Reports' in the side navigation

  2. Click on Payroll tab

  3. Scroll down to the Payroll Changes report.

What's included in the report:

  • New starters & re-joiners

  • Leavers

  • Changes of name & address

  • Salary changes

  • Updated bank details

  • New or changed National Insurance number

  • Newly uploaded P45s

  • Change in gender or marital status

All info will be shown for the current and previous calendar month

What the report doesn't include:

  • Changes in working week

  • Sick days

  • The user who made the change

  • Integrations to payroll platforms such as Xero

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