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Filter your report dashboard
Filter your report dashboard

New filters for our reporting dashboard!

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You can now filter our reporting dashboard for specific point in time reporting with our customisable date ranges as well as employment and office filters.

Easily filter our tenure, head count, retention, turnover and time off metrics and their associated graphs to assist with your HR reporting!

Note: Team member start dates need to be populated for their inclusion in reports.

To apply filters:

Head to your Reports tab to check out our Dashboard.

Want to know more about how we calculate turnover, retention, tenure or head count?

Check out this article for the calculations used!

To filter by a date range:

  • Head to the filters button at the top of the dashboard

  • Input the date range you are wanting to filter by

  • Select 'apply'

  • Voila! You can see your metrics for your chosen date range!

To filter by employment information:

You can also narrow down your data even more by using our employment filters to filter by:

  • Employment type (freelancer or permanent)

  • Offices (include all or filter for specific offices at your company)

  • Teams (include all teams or filter for specific teams within your company)

To filter the time off graph by time off type

You can include/ exclude time off types from the time off graph by selecting/ deselecting the time off type in the key:

Have any questions or feedback? Get in touch with live chat or [email protected]!

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