Calculating your company's headcount, retention rate and tenure in Charlie just got easier!

Get easy, at a glance information from our dashboard reporting metrics to give you a snapshot of your company's headcount, tenure, and retention rate for the last 12 months on Charlie- no more manual calculations needed!

Headcount report:

Easily see how many people are employed at your company as of today!

This metric is split into two numbers- showcasing your permanent employees vs your freelancers as of today.

How do we calculate this?

How many team members are on your account as of today where they have a start date that is before today with either no offboarding date or an offboarding date in the future.

Tenure Report:

See the average length of time team members spend at your company at a glance right on your reporting dashboard!

It does not include freelancers but includes all permanent team members who have worked and been offboarded in the last 12 months but not deleted from Charlie.

How do we calculate this?

Sum of the time your team members (including offboarded team members and freelancers) have spent working at your company / number of team members (included offboarded team members and freelancers)

Note: if someone was re-activated during this period they won't be counted twice. We divide by the number of team members NOT the number of start dates during this period.


See the retention rate for your whole company (including freelancers)!

How do we calculate this?

Number of people who were working at your company on this day last year who are still working today / the number of people who were working this day last year

Key figures:

Joiners- number of team members with a start date in the past year

Leavers- number of team members with an end date before today and less than a year ago

Turnover rate:

See the turnover rate for your whole company for the last 12 months.

How do we calculate this?

(Total leavers in the time period / Average total team members in the time period) x 100

Average total team member's calculated as:

(Total active team members at the start of the time period - Total active team members at the end of the time period) / 2)

Currently, the time period will be the last 356 days however coming soon you will be able to select your own time periods with our filters!

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Can we export these dashboard metrics?

No, it's not possible to export these metrics into a CSV but if you need to present these to your company, you can easily take a screenshot of the metrics!

Number's smaller than you anticipated?
Any users who you have permanently deleted off the system will not be included in this report. Any user who is archived but not deleted will count in these reports.

Some team member's not appearing in the metrics?

Make sure all your team members have accurate start dates input on their personal details tab of their profile, and accurate offboarding dates where required.

Which metrics include freelancers?
Freelancers are not included in the tenure metric, they have their own headcount metric and are included in the retention metric.

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