Part time: Hourly working weeks

Have some team members who work fixed hours per week? Easily set this up in Charlie!

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Note: Only Super Admins/Admins/Team Leads can set up hourly working weeks

On Charlie, you can set up working weeks for team members that differ from your company default working week to accurately manage team members' holiday allowance and time off bookings. This article is all about setting up team members who's holiday allowance is counted hourly. If you're looking for half day working weeks you can find how to set this up in this article here.

What happens when I switch a team member to hourly?

We only recommend changing a team member's time off allowance to hourly if you have been managing this team member off CharlieHR or if their time off has always been counted in hours e.g. team members who work compressed hours.

We cannot yet support team members who are switched from full time/half days to hourly within a leave year.

How will time off work?

Charlie will automatically pro rata holiday allowance based on their hourly set working week. Team members can book time off in hours for any time off types that affect their time off allowance - this includes holiday and any other custom time off type you have set up. For any time off types that do not affect their time off allowance such as sick leave, the time off can only be booked in half/ full days.

To learn how we calculate leave just click here!

Time off and Public holidays

Public holidays will fall outside of the allowance for all hourly team members, however there is a slight difference between the two settings:

  • When set to non-deductible: hourly team members will not need to book any time off on public holidays. Their time off allowance does not include public holidays so it is assumed hourly team members do not work on that day.

  • When set to deductible: hourly team members will need to book off the exact hours they have taken on public holidays so the hours can be subtracted from their time off allowance.

To change someone's working week to hourly:

  1. Head to a team member's profile

  2. Click on the 'Settings' tab

  3. Scroll down to the 'Working week' section

  4. Select the working days

  5. Enter the 'Weekly Working Hours'

  6. Input the 'Holiday in hours already taken' for the current holiday year

    1. Note: we can only manage half hours worked such as 37.5 hours but not in any other increments.

  7. Choose the 'Effective from' date

  8. Click on 'Review changes'

  9. Once you're happy with the new working week, then simply select 'confirm changes'

Note: You can't edit a working week once it has been applied. If you need to make any changes to an existing working week, you will need to click the bin icon in the right hand side and create a new working week.

Click here to learn how to manually adjust time off for team members!

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