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Setting up your Xero Integration
Setting up your Xero Integration

A step by step guide on connecting CharlieHR and Xero

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Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can set integrations up.

What you can achieve by integrating CharlieHR and Xero

The integration with Xero makes it possible to automatically sync team member information from CharlieHR to Xero for existing Team Members. As soon as Team Member information is updated in Charlie, the changes are synced to Xero immediately.

The automatic sync ensures Xero is always up to date with the latest Team Member information, freeing you up from manual data entry errors and having to manually update the information on two systems!

Please note that CharlieHR is assumed to be the source of truth for personal information and salaries, and the data flows from CharlieHR to Xero.

Setting the integration up in CharlieHR

Step 1: Filling Payroll IDs in CharlieHR

CharlieHR uses the Payroll ID field to map information from Charlie to the equivalent Team Member by using their Employee Number from Xero. In order to sync information between CharlieHR and Xero, you first need to make sure the Payroll ID is completed in CharlieHR for all the Team Members that you want to include in the sync.

How to match the Employee numbers from Xero to the Payroll ID field in CharlieHR:

  1. In Xero export a list of your team and their Employee Number

  2. In CharlieHR, fill in the Payroll ID field using the Xero Employee number. You can follow the two steps below to complete this:

    • You can use Charlie’s CSV bulk importer to add all the Payroll IDs at once. You can find the steps to complete this here. Note: You will need to download and update your existing user list.

    • You can enter the Payroll ID for Team Members individually by clicking into the PAY tab on each Team Member’s profile.

Step 2: Setting up the Sync between CharlieHR and Xero

  1. Click on 'Integrations' from the side navigation

  2. Select Xero

  3. Click ‘Connect your Xero Account’

  4. Click Connect

  5. You will be re-directed to Xero to login

  6. On Charlie you should now see Xero is marked as ‘Connected’


  • If there is more than one organisation linked to your Xero account, you will be asked to select the Organisation you would like to connect.

  • You can choose which email from CharlieHR to sync to Xero: whether employees Login email (often work email) or Personal email addresses on Charlie.

What happens after enabling your Xero integration?

When your Xero integration is connected, two main processes start happening in Charlie:

  • Mapping Team Members between CharlieHR and Xero will happen automatically after you enable the integration. We use the Employee number on Xero and Payroll ID on Charlie to link Team Members between the two applications. Make sure you have entered the correct Payroll ID on CharlieHR.

  • Syncing Team Member information will be done anytime there is a change in a Team Member’s information on CharlieHR. The changes made on CharlieHR will be pushed through Xero and update the employee information on Xero.

What information will be synced?



First Name

First name

Last Name

Last name

Phone number

Phone number

Login Email or Personal Email (based on integration settings)

Email address

Date of Birth

Date of Birth

Legal gender (only if Male or Female, otherwise left blank)



Home Address



* Read the salary update article to learn more on how Charlie updates salaries on Xero!

Read more here to know which Team Members have been mapped, and if the data has been synced successfully.

Check out our troubleshooting article to get answers to frequently asked questions!

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