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Troubleshooting your Xero integration
Troubleshooting your Xero integration

Answering further questions on Xero integration

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Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can set integrations up.

How can I exclude a Team Member from the information sync?

If you leave the Payroll ID blank for a Team Member, they won’t be mapped to Xero and their information will not be synced.

A team member isn't mapping, and all of the details are correct.

Team members are mapped immediately when their details are added in Xero then CharlieHR, as an immediate sync is then tried. For any team members added in CharlieHR before Xero: their mapping will be completed whenever any update is made by anyone across the company. This includes when a new team member is added or when any synced team members update any of their details.

What does it mean when the Payroll ID is not in Sync?

To map Team Members in CharlieHR with Employees on Xero, we match Charlie Payroll IDs and Xero Employee Numbers. After the mapping is done, if you change the Payroll ID in Charlie without updating Employee Number in Xero, then there will be a mismatch and in the status table Payroll ID will be marked as NOT SYNCED.

You'll need to update the Payroll ID in CharlieHR to match Employee Number in Xero.

How can I choose which email: Login Email or Personal Email to sync through to Xero?

You can choose whether to sync information to Xero using employees Login email (often work email) or Personal email addresses on Charlie. You can select the email you want to use when setting the integration up.

I have added a new salary for a Team Member in Charlie, but it is not showing up on the integration page.

The changes in salary only show up in the salary update page if:

  • The effective date is in the future

  • Xero doesn't already have the exact same salary figure with the same effective date

I see a salary update for a Team Member on the integration page, but when I click on Sync, it fails. What should I do?

If the salary sync does not go through, you'll see the reason for the failure in the salary update column. A likely reason is that there is already a pay run active in Xero, with the date after the salary effective date. You cannot change salaries in Xero after there has been a pay run for that Team Member in that month.

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