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A step by step guide on connecting your Applicant Tracking System and CharlieHR

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Note: Only Admins and Super Admins can set integrations up.

What can be achieved by integrating CharlieHR and Teamtailor?

The integration with Teamtailor makes it possible to automatically sync new team member information from Teamtailor to CharlieHR; as soon as they are marked as hired on Teamtailor. The automatic sync will free you from manual data entry and the copy-and-paste errors you may have struggled with in the past.

Once the integration has been enabled team members will be synced on an hourly basis from Teamtailor to Charlie. In some cases you may want to specify when a team member is created in Charlie and in this situation you can set up a Custom Field in Teamtailor to delay this sync to your chosen date.

Integrating Teamtailor and CharlieHR

Before you can start setting the integration up you need to be an Admin or Super Admin on CharlieHR to be able to access the integration pages. You will also need to be a Company Admin on Teamtailor to have access to integrations on your account there.

Setting up a Custom Field in Teamtailor to identify when hired candidates are transferred to CharlieHR:

Sometimes there is a large gap from when a candidate is hired till their start date. You can choose to immediately transfer the hired candidates to CharlieHR, but you also have the option of deciding on the date that you want a Team Member to be created on CharlieHR, on a case by case basis. Please note that whenever a hired candidate is transferred to CharlieHR as a new Team Member, they are considered active users on CharlieHR and will count towards that month's bill, even if the start date for the team member is not in that billing period.

You'll need to create a Custom Field on Teamtailor called 'Transfer to Charlie'. Later, this field is used to identify when to add a successful applicant to CharlieHR as a team member. You can create Custom Fields on Teamtailor, here are the steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Recruitment > Custom fields

  2. Create a new custom field, with the Name 'Transfer to Charlie'

  3. Select the checkbox to make the field 'Featured'

  4. Save your changes

Team Members will be created in Charlie on the date filled in 'Transfer to Charlie' . Hired candidates who have no 'Transfer to Charlie' specified on Teamtailor will have their profiles created on Charlie immediately.

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Setting the integration up in CharlieHR:

You will need to copy and paste your Access Token (API Key) from Teamtailor to CharlieHR. To do so, follow the steps below.

On Teamtailor:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations>API keys

  2. Add a new API key

  3. Set the Name as 'Charlie API Key'

  4. Select the API scope to be 'Admin'

  5. Select the 'Read' checkbox

  6. Click on create

  7. Copy the API key to clipboard

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On CharlieHR:

Navigate to the Integration tab to authenticate CharlieHR using Teamtailor data, from the info you copied in the previous step:

  1. Click on 'Integrations' from the side navigation

  2. Select Teamtailor

  3. Enter the API Key you copied from Teamtailor to the 'Access token' field

  4. Done!

What data will get transferred and where to?

The table below outlines the fields within Teamtailor on the left and the fields that information will be transferred to in CharlieHR on the right.



First name

First Name

Last name

Last Name

Phone number

Phone number

Email address

Personal email

Job posting title

Job title

Candidates not showing up in CharlieHR when you expect? Check out our troubleshooting article that explains when to expect candidates to transfer to CharlieHR and how to fix probable issues.

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